• Gender-Based
    Violence Monitor
    South Africa

    A non-profit organisation advocating for a
    gender-based violence free South Africa.

The organisation

We seek to challenge institutional inertia on GBV cases and patriarchal dogma, in order to inculcate positive behavioural change across all institutions and end GBV.

Gender Based Violence Tracker

GBV Monitor SA's tracker is a tool that has been designed to enhance information gathering and analysis of gender-based violence incidents for the benefit of the public. This mechanism tracks reported GBV cases across the country, offering South Africans detailed and reliable information from multiple sources. We developed this repository to build capacity in offering a solution to poor reportage and ineffective responses to violence against vulnerable persons.

Our GBV Tracker

Press room

Our press room contains our media releases and statements, including media engagements where the organisation is involved.

Crime Statistics depict the danger and desperation of life in South Africa

GBV Monitor SA notes the recent South African Crime Statistics Third Quarter Report released by Minister Bheki Cele. The publishing of the data demonstrates a commitment to transparency by the ministry and the South African Police Services to inform and engage our public discourse. We commend this accountability measure. According to the report, 11 315 […]

GBV Monitor SA’s tracker brings new perspective to reporting of incidents

GBV Monitor SA introduces an online Tracker of gender-based violence incidents across thecountry to highlight the plight of survivors. This is a ground-breaking development for SouthAfrica’s discourse in efforts to challenge institutional inertia on GBV and foster positivebehavioural change across all sectors of society…

South African women are taking a stand against rape culture

The recent accusations of rape against DJ Fresh and Euphonik triggered a much-needed conversation on rape culture and its devastating manifestations in South Africa. In January, a Johannesburg woman publicly accused popular South African DJs Thato Sikwane, known as DJ Fresh, and Themba Nkosi, known as Euphonik, of drugging and raping her and three other […]

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